How to create new Lead on Kartra

Using Newsletter Tool and Zapier you can create a lead on Kartra.

Video Tutorial

Screenshots below:

Request to activate Zapier

You can send the following message:

Hello Team,
We want to connect Zapier with BodygraphChart and Kartra. The purpose is to get leads from the Bodygraph Chart Submission Form to Kartra. Please see the link below from BodygraphChart Help Centre that shows how the integration work. (Video Included).

Once the Zapier activated, please follow the following steps:

Create Kartra Form using Newsletter Tool

Open Newsletter Tool:

Create Kartra Form using Zapier:

  1. Select “Zapier”
  2. Enter “Kartra” name
  3. “Save”

Setup Embed Tool

Enable Newsletter and Select (Kartra) Zapier

Enable Zapier

Save Changes (This is very important) and click Setup Zapier

Create Zap

Please see the video below for more details.

When you will connect the Bodygraph Chart you will need to login using your own API Key.
Your API is here:

Bodygraph Chart connection (See video below for more details)

Kartra Connection
Please select “Create New Lead”

You need to enter the Bodygraph Chart API outputs inside the Kartra fields:

Create Custom Fields if need it

We recommend to create a custom fields inside Kartra ( like follow:

  • Custom link to clients bodygraph chart
  • Energy type
  • Profile

You need to enter the Bodygraph Chart API outputs inside the Kartra fields:


Sometimes Zapier Webhook is changing during the setup.

Make sure that Zapier Webhook URL is the same

Like inside Embed Tool, if not please copy from Zapier Webhook and paste inside Embed Tool and Save Changes.

Updated on October 3, 2022

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