How to setup my Affiliate?

Terms and conditions

You have an opportunity to receive a commission of 30% for paying customers you refer to The following terms applies: 

  • To receive a commission, you have to enroll by submitting the Bodygraph Chart affiliate form.  
  • It is customer’s responsibility to provide true and correct details on the submission form. Bodygraph Chart is not held responsible for the missed payments that occurred due to incorrect submission.  
  • You cannot use an affiliate program for your own account. 
  • All payments will be made at the time best suited to the Bodygraph Chart (usually when the amount reaches/goes over $100). You can request a payout via email to [email protected] however, Bodygraph Chart holds all rights on the decision when the actual payment will be made. 
  • Bodygraph Chart reserves the right to reject any affiliate program submission if it goes against the terms listed above and general Bodygraph Chart terms and conditions. 

How to sign up

To sign up please log in or create an account here:

Terms and conditions apply.

Updated on September 14, 2023

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