Is it possible to send automatically the charts to the creator via email?

The first step is to create an automation in your newsletter client.
The automation should send an automated email to the subscriber after he submits his email. Inside that email template, we will add a custom field, “Link to Chart”.
Please follow an example for ActiveCampaign.
(For other newsletter platforms, should the principal stay the same)

Create New Contact List

We need to have a contact list where we will create an automation.

Enter List name:

Create new Web form

Here we will add a custom field for HD Chart. The field will be hidden.

Create Form:

Enter form name and select your new contact list:

Disable Opt-in Confirmation

Add Custom field:

Enter field name and field type: “Hidden Field”

Full name replace with name

We get only name from chart. So we replace “Full Name” field with Name only

Drag and drop “First Name” field from the right sidebar:

Save and Exit the Form

Create Automation for Contact List

Select List:

Click “Create an email:

You will need add Template name and design your email template.

Please use “Personalize” to add shortcode:

You can copy shortcode inside button link:

All done save it.

Active Automation

Connect ActiveCampaign with Bodygraph Chart using Zapier

Updated on September 5, 2022

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