Start from Embed Tool

Embed Tool generated a unique script for you to embed into your website.

Embed Tool made from 3 sections:

1. List of your embed codes. You can create multiple codes with different settings.
2. Your embed code settings
3. Your embed code (Script that you need to copy and paste into your website)

Inside Embed Tool you can setup the following:

Select your language:

Select your bodygraph design, form style and how you would love to display chart properties (next to chart or below):

Enable Newsletter. This is great feature if you want to get more subscribers. You can make as an optional email field for your visitors.

Download PDF Settings. Select your logo, your background image and fonts

Display and sell your HD Reading Reports (from HD Reding Report Tool)

More Options

If you are using WIX, this is where you enable WIX APP. If you are using Zapier, you have to enable Zapier option:

Custom CSS area

Updated on September 6, 2022

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