How to connect the Bodygraph Chart with MAKE.COM using a webhook?


Create a account.

Setup Connection Settings

  1. Open Bodygraph chart account and go to My Apps -> Newsletter -> Create new -> Select Webhook and click next.
  2. Give your connection a name that is easy to find and remember.
  3. To get Target URL login to your account and click ‘Create a new scenario’
  4. Type in ‘Webhook’ in the search field and select it.
  5. Choose ‘Custom Webhook instant’.
  6. Click on ‘Add’ and enter your Webhook name, click ‘Save’.
  7. Click ‘Copy address to clipboard’
  8. Paste it to ‘Target URL’ field back on the Bodygraph account and click ‘Save’.
  9. To test it go to ‘Integrate chart’ and select an embed code or create new one
  10. Go to ‘My Apps’ and enable ‘Make. com’. Also enable ‘Display email field’ and click ‘Save changes’
  11. Click on preview and fill in the form to generate a Human Design chart.
  12. Head back to and make any connection you need.

    Here is also a video tutorial with the step by step explanation:

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Updated on December 19, 2023

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